Branding/Web Design


From a small idea comes big things. American Indian Republic needed a place to grow, with the Internet bring a prime component of that growth. Committed to widening the public discourse on the contemporary American Indian experience, and with a focus on merging quality content with aspects of new media, American Indian Republic wanted to reach communities far and wide to deliver their transformative message.

With the opening of American Indian Republic, there also needed to be a logo that truly encompassed the values upheld by the company.


Encouraging and reflecting the values of public discourse on the American Indian experience, the website offered a way for such discussions to emerge in a visually vibrant and modern way. With a focus on highlighting the importance of the written word to elicit the importance of storytelling across Indian Country, the creative design of the website engages viewers to become invested in the material they a reading.

Working to truly reflect the modernity of Indigenous culture in the United States, we set out to create a logo that provided a visual accompaniment to the diversity of Native American culture - and we did just that.

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