If helping a business or individual reach their ultimate potential is wrong, we don’t want to be right.


Born from a need to help others realize their true visions, Bella & Belle came to fruition from three innovative and imaginative pioneers willing to put their collective minds together to create something magical.


With extensive experience and knowledge in the fields of marketing, advertising, and web and mobile development, Bella & Belle is ripe with talent and courage to think “outside the box,” willing to find creative solutions to problems viewed as unsolvable to others. Essentially, we find remedies for our clients where there is none - and they like that.

We are also 100% Native-owned and operated, which we are very proud to say. As Indigenous individuals, it is ingrained in our DNA to help those around us, being attentive to their needs and wants - and in the realm of a business, company, or organization, that is vitally important.


Miguel is a passionate and accomplished leader with a diverse background in both the private and public sectors, including pursuing and being involved in multiple successful start-up and entrepreneurial endeavors. He has been a pioneer in simplifying complex community-based issues through technological measures, as well as been one to embrace emerging trends in technology to accomplish those resolutions. Upholding myself to a high standard, Miguel strives to maintain a reputation built on skill, assurance, and uncompromising ethics.


  • M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies - University of Washington

  • B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies - University of Washington

  • AAS Digital Design - Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom

Lead Designer



Nuchsopark's career so far has led me to take on many work-related projects, all of which she has utilized to enhance her skills and knowledge. She have shown considerable work experience within the areas of international marketing, event planning, and advertising industries.


  • B.A. Advertising - Assumption University

Creative Manager



At 13 Brandi began to write poetry, wrapping her mind around the way words could evoke emotion, create connection and foster community. Health coaching as a later endeavor in life further tasked her with the skills of engaging with individuals and creating safe spaces to discuss their visions and aspirations. As copywriter for Bella and Belle, Brandi has fused these seemingly unrelated skills to adequately listen to client’s visions and creatively strategize and produce content that speaks to their market.


  • M.A. Legal Studies, Indigenous People's Law - University of Washington

  • B.A. Global Studies - University of Washington

  • AA General Studies - Pierce College at Fort Steilacoom